Using Custom Images for CUTOUT

Basic Guidelines

  • Image must be a PNG
  • Color images must be < 10KB
  • Must provide a static (non-expiring) URL
  • Image should be 144x168 pixels (smaller images will tile)

STEP 1: Convert An Image

  • Go to Image Converter for Pebble Time
  • Upload an image to convert
  • Original Pebble, Pebble Steel, or Pebble 2:
    • Set COLOR MODE TO "Black and White"
    • You probably also want to turn on DITHERING & choose the dithering method which looks best
  • Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, Pebble Time 2:
    • Set COLOR MODE TO "16 Colors" or lower (64 colors will be too big)
    • The size of the image need to be < 10KB, so you may need to reduce the number of colors further
  • Pebble Time Round:
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and "click" the image to download a local copy

STEP 2: Upload Image Online

  • We need to upload the image to a static URL somewhere online
  • Example: IMGUR.COM
    • Log in at (if you don't have an account, create one)
    • Click your username in top right corner and choose "IMAGES" from the dropdown menu
    • Click the green ADD IMAGE button
    • Click BROWSE to upload the converted image from your harddrive (or drag & drop the image)
    • When the image is uploaded, click the image to pull up the image properties
    • Copy the "Direct Link" URL (something like
  • Other places you could upload an image online include:
    • Dropbox

STEP 3: Configure Watchface

  • Open the Settings page for the CUTOUT watchface in the Pebble App on your phone
  • In the IMAGE Menu, select "Custom Image"
  • Under "URL for Custom Image," paste the URL from where you uploaded your image above
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and click SAVE


  • If you're using a non-Color Pebble, did you convert your image into Black/White?
  • Is your image < 10KB? (check the image's file properties on your hard drive) If not, you will likely need to reduce the number of colors when converting the image
  • File still not working? Sadly, some graphics (especially "busy" images) just don't seem to work :(

Example Images You Can Try

  • Right click on the images below to "copy image address" and paste URL into the Settings Page for the watchface